So many quotable quotes this week. I'm spoiled for choice.

Hi Mo,

I really enjoyed reading this (It did more for me than the class I'm currently in). Anyway, I just wanted to state that I loved the concepts you explored and more so, how you explored them. Some are things I think about on and off , the luck thing especially. You put these thoughts to words and that made for a fantastic read.

Thank you.

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May 12, 2023Liked by Mo Isu

Travelling with family on long-distance trips has always been a revealing experience about my parents. Literally, when you are confined in a car, for hours at a time, there's nothing to do but place your trust in their hands. I like how you point out thaht that our trust may be a blindspot to how hour parents really feel, and it really, it does take hindsight to understand those anxieties.

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Hi Mo Isu,

AzeezOje here.

Thanks for the mention (I love it!!!)

I find a lot of your articles relatable and I enjoyed reading them (and I keep coming back).

I've read a couple of your works on Medium also and sincerely my first thought was "Nah! this guy is crazy" (take that as a compliment).

Really appreciate you sharing yourself and your gift with us 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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